Anxiety This Week: Oct 2 2014

This week in anxiety, I'm feeling anxious about how much work I've laid out for myself and not living up to the plans I've made for myself. But first, I've decided that my anxiety has stopped me from being productive so I've decided to say, f*** y_o, to my anxiety every week with my new weekly article "Anxiety This Week".

Let's get started telling Anxiety This Week to f*** off.


Dear Anxiety This Week,

Yeah, I get it. I haven't done enough work. I haven't worked hard enough and I might not amount to anything if I don't work harder. I get that if I don't create excellent stories and fun content for people to read, none of my work matters. I get that. But, Anxiety, you need to shut your f***ing face. You're stopping me from working. You're making me think about the implications of sucking more than the fact that if I don't get the sucking out of the way that I'll never succeed to begin with. Listen, I know that was a lot of references to sucking and I don't know what to do with that. I mean, the obvious thing is edit it out, but I can't be afraid of sucking, you f***. So, I'm keeping it. Alright, good. And, keeping up with a schedule is just a way to keep creation grounded into something. You'll be fine anxiety. Stop making me feel bad. It does nothing but make everything harder. So, Anxiety, sincerely, f*** y_o.

Glad we had this talk,