Reading Comprehension

I like to play.
That's simple enough really.
I like to play.

^Spaceship shape.

I've been playing with comprehension recently. I'll shout it if I have to. I'm playing with dynamics. And, dynamics are bull crap. If I'm yelling this in your head, then I've done my job. 

I'm actually sitting at my desk smiling as I type and snickering through my nose.

I've been realizing that stream of consciousness is bull. This isn't an inner monologue. I'm talking to you. This couldn't possibly be an honest reflection of my stream of consciousness. It is an artifice.

One thing I like about language is that it's bad math. Questionable logic goes unquestioned. There is real truth there. Everything that is said is true. Not all of it is honest. But, in abstract, it is always true.

The trouble is knowing what people are saying beyond their words. The immediate interpretation of words is the easiest way to miss the truth. The truth is always there but it is rarely stated.

Truth is rarely shared, 'liked', or upvoted.

Truth is barely comprehensible.

We prefer the overt to subtle. 

Some people are okay if they've only got a touch of gonorrhea. "Sure, I've got gonorrhea, but it's not really that bad yet."

"Yes, it's unacceptable to call them the Redskins, but their skin does looks red. And, if you haven't stopped to look around we're in the middle of marching them from Florida to Oklahoma. I don't see why I should stop calling them the Redskins. Clearly, everyone here is okay with me calling them the Redskins."