Gun Violence is Economical

With all the vitriol that surround the "gun control" debate what is lost is that what's being talked about a solution to the problem of Gun Violence. And, as a result of the loud debate about "gun control", the inspection of the underlying causes of Gun Violence itself has ceased. 

Gun Violence -- outside of crazed gunman -- is a symptom of much larger systemic problem because it is not random. Gun violence happens along the US/Mexico Border, it happens in the inner city, and it happens through out Mexico. It is the main cause of death for black men ages 18-25. And, it is an economic choice made by business owners. If a business owner runs an illegal business, their interests are not protected by law and the police so if they wish to protect their business, their only option is physical dominance which is enable through weapons. This is a logical choice that business owners make to protect their interests and we can't look beyond this fact when we talk about Gun Violence.

Gun Violence is an economic effect: a combination racism's effects on inner city minorities and mostly the effects of our Drug Policy that are exacerbated by "The War on Drugs". Inner city black people must choose between unemployment, employment at two or more minimum wage jobs, or making a living wage in a violent illegal profession. In Mexico, the choices are much the same and as a result it is a war zone. For those who make the choice to join the drug trade, gun violence is an effective way to protect their business interests and their life and is therefore incentivized. 

The sad reality is that most people in the places where this economic reality is prevalent do not choose to participate in criminal activity but are nonetheless caught in the cross fire. And, all the people involved, deserve to have a better set of choices.

I believe that comes from an act of trust. We have to trust that drug use's negative effects are enough to persuade people not to use them. We can let people make their own choices about drug use but try to help them make healthier choices. But, our legislation and "War on Drug" has become a war on the poor. And, if we removed our drug laws, the economic incentive for killing people would evaporate as drug businesses would be protected by the law and their stability would then be dependent on their adherence to the law. We have to have an inclusive society if we want to people to obey the law. We can't let ourselves refuse to protect businesses that are in demand, and leave their protection up to guys with guns because they have the ability to do it and they do it.

Like during prohibition, we are seeing that organized crime and gun violence is thriving, and it's important to realize it's not random. And, it's a beast we created by trying to enforce a narrow concept of morality on all people but especially on minorities who have taken an unfair burden of the enforcement of drug laws. We have to come to terms with the fact that our drug policy has large negative effects and though drug use, in and of itself, is fun but is harmful and has negative long term consequences, those consequences are not nearly as bad as the violence and economic hardship causes by the laws against it.